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Bible Studies for Teens and Adults
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Order Just One or a Bundle of Six
Bible study for teens, Joshua: Strong and Courageous
Story of the cover:  A young graphic artist in my middle school class, Ben Bartling, designed the cover for Joshua: Strong and Courageous. He photographed the text from the first page of the book of Joshua in modern Hebrew.  He was in 8th grade at the time. He is now in college majoring in graphic design.

"My class really likes Joshua.  We are using it in our Sunday School class along with clips from the movie, The Ten Commandments."
Judith Kirby

"My class really likes the Joshua study.  Really.
We are studying Joshua: Strong and Courageous together as a Sunday School class.  We are also watching video clips from The Ten Commandments as they relate to our lesson.  The pictures in the workbook also help us visualize the events that took place so long ago.  We have come to learn a lot about being courageous about our faith in Christ through following the struggles of the Israelites, Moses and Joshua."
--Judith Kirby, teacher: high school/middle school class, First Baptist Church, Aliquippa, PA

For additional background reading, go to recommendations.  Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History is an excellent book.

JOSHUA: STRONG AND COURAGEOUS is a study in leadership development for young people waiting for their chance to shine.  

Need a Bible study on leadership for teens?
Joshua: Strong and Courageous, an 8-week study on the life of Joshua, is just what you are looking for. 

What did Joshua learn from his mentor, Moses? How did Moses' example shape Joshua into the strong and courageous man who would lead the conquest and settlement of the Promised Land?  Teens will see that learning from a great leader while they are young is the first step in leadership training for the future.  

This interactive small-group study highlights Joshua's character and development from his early years in Egypt, to his work as Moses' assistant, to his military career, to his management of 12 tribes, to his retirement in the Promised Land.  Joshua learned that the key to great leadership is a close relationship with God. He also saw how courage, discipline, respect for God's word, remembrance of God's work were traits worth developing for any leadership role.   Teens will see how to acquire some of these character qualities themselves.

Color photographs by Todd Bolen (www.Bibleplaces.com)from sites in the Sinai and Israel enliven the study.  Photographs of a life-sized Tabernacle model in the Sinai illustrate important aspects of early Hebrew worship. Workbook questions and exercises are appealing, yet challenging. 

This book is designed for young teens in middle school or high school (grades 7-10.)  About 45 minutes of individual study is balanced with weekly group discussion. 

88 pages, spiral-bound, 8 1/2 X 11"

Order a DVD of the 1956 classic, The Ten Commandments, with Charleton Heston as Moses, to use in small group sessions.  The kids will enjoy the special effects (pretty good for 1956) and selected scenes help illustrate the events in Joshua's life.  Be sure to discuss the Biblical inaccuracies in the movie, as mentioned in the Leader Suggestions free download.
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